We're excited to announce our local advertising network which will provide lots of paid sponsorship and micro-endorsement opportunities for GOHISO Influencers! It’s our goal to provide as many great opportunities to you as possible while also helping local businesses to promote themselves in an exciting and innovative new way.

Here are the basics on how it all works:

1. Sign up for GOHISO and provide info on your social media following and niche of influence.

2. GOHISO will deliver sponsorship and micro-endorsement opportunities from brands and businesses in your area. You get full control over the clients you choose to work with and will receive general guidance on the content. In most cases, this will be an IG story, IG post or a combination of the two along with a caption, mention, hashtags and check-in at the business (if applicable). The goal is to make it as authentically YOU as possible. We believe the best local influencer campaigns shouldn’t feel like ads at all — it’s very important that you always maintain credibility with the audience you worked so hard to build!

3. You will be required to leave the post up for a full 24 hours for Stories and between 3-14 days for most Posts. Payment is released once the post is confirmed and 24-72 hour engagements metrics are provided.