**Before you list services on GOHISO, you must setup Stripe. Refer to this article if you need help.**

1. Visit GOHISO.com/signin and Login to your GOHISO Dashboard

2. Click 'List a Service'

3. Select or Search to find the category for your service. If you cannot find your category, choose 'Other'.


1. Neighborhood / City / Market - Choose the market where you want to list your service.

2. Title - Give your service a title under 40 characters.

3. Description - Describe the services you offer.

4. Cancellation Policy - Choose a general cancellation policy for yoru services. You can specify additional details in the description or on page 7. Recommended: Flexible

5. Click 'Next'.


Depending on the service category you choose, you will have up to three options for the service location.

1. Online  - Check this box if you do not need to meet your client in person and the service can be delivered over the internet or by phone. (ex: graphic design, Influencer, consultation)

2. My Location - Check this box if clients visit you at your office or location to receive the service. (personal trainer with a gym, beauty salons) - Simply type your address and let Google auto-fill the fields.  Do not edit these fields or Google may not be able to properly map your location. If you wish to keep your exact address private until after the booking, indicate this somewhere in your listing and choose a nearby address instead.

3. Client's Location (Mobile Services) - This is the most common option and provides the most flexibility. Click this option if you visit clients at their home or office. (TV mounting, handyman, in-home massage, mobile beauty services) - Provide the zip code you're based in or the zip code that represents the middle of your service territory.


Depending on the services you offer, you will have up to three options for service prices.

Option #1 - Fixed Price - Recommended for most services.

This is the most common and easiest pricing to setup. 

Click 'Add Fixed Price' and follow the instructions below.

1. Menu Item - Give the menu item a name. 

(ex: Massage - 1 hour, TV Mounting - 55" and above, Spanish Lesson) 

2. Price - Add a Price. You will have an opportunity to quote the exact price during the quotation process. Don't add special characters or a $ sign. Simply add the price. 

(ex: 100) 

3. Menu Description - Describe what is included for this price. 

(ex: Includes 50 minute massage and 10 minutes prep, Includes TV mounting service without wire concealment, Includes 1 hour Spanish lesson)

4. Featured - Make sure to click the 'Featured' box on one of your fixed price menu items. This will serve as the default service displayed. 

5. Click 'Next' or add more. To make things easy for your customers, we recommend adding less than 10 menu items total.

Option #2 - Hourly Price - ADVANCED ONLY  

This pricing is not used frequently on GOHISO.

Click 'Add Hourly Price' and follow the instructions below.

1. Hourly Rate - Add your hourly rate without a $ sign.

(ex: 100) 

2. Minimum Hours to Hire - Add the minimum number of hours you can be booked. Full #'s only. 

(ex: 2) 

3. Maximum Hours to Hire - Add the maximum number of hours you can be booked. Full #'s only. 

(ex: 8)

4. Featured - We do NOT recommend featuring your hourly service. Feature a fixed price instead. 

5. Click 'Next'.

Option #3 - Unit Based Price - ADVANCED ONLY

This pricing allows you to create an instant quotation based on the # of units chosen (# of hours, lessons, sqft, etc)

Unit based prices are the most difficult pricing to setup so please contact us if you need assistance.

Click 'Add Unit Base Price' and follow the instructions below.

1. Menu Item Title - Give the menu item a name. 

(ex: Spanish Lessons (pay by lesson), Bartending (hourly), Cleaning (# of rooms)

2. Base Price - Add the base or minimum price to show up deliver this service. Don't add special characters or a $ sign. Simply add the price. 

(ex: 200) 

3. Unit - Add the unit used to calculate the price. Add in 'single' form (hour instead of hours, room vs rooms)

(ex: hour, room, day, lesson)

4. # of Unit Included - How many units (#3)  are included in the base price (#2)? For example, if your minimum package is $200 and includes four lessons, you would input "4".

(ex: 4)

5. Price per additional unit - How much is each additional unit (#3)? For example, if your minimum package is $200 and includes four lessons, and each additional lesson is $50, you would put "50"

(ex: 50)

6. Price Description - Describe your pricing breakdown and what is included in this price. Include any terms as well.

(ex: $200 for a four lesson pack. $50 each additional lesson. Lessons are 60 minutes each.)

7. Featured - We do NOT recommend featuring your unit based price. Feature a fixed price instead. 

8. Click 'Next' or add more. To make things easy for your customers, we recommend adding less than 10 menu items total.


This is an Advanced Feature --. Read this article for more details on how to set this up. (coming soon)

Click 'Next' for now. You can add this later if necessary.


You can display photos on your GOHISO listing to help showcase the services you offer.

1. Select Default Cover Photo - At the moment, you can only use pre-selected cover photos on your booking page. We will be updating this feature soon. Simply choose a cover photo from the ones provided.

2. Upload to Gallery - You can upload up to 9 photos to each booking listing. We highly recommend compressing your images using BulkResizePhotos. It's online, 100% free and will make your pics load much faster. The goal is to get each picture to less than 200kb max. Anything above that will be a poor experience for your customers.

3. When you're done, click 'Next'.


In this section, you will specify your base schedule and hours of operation. This is NOT intended to manage your entire schedule and up-to-date availability and instead serves as a simple set of times that your clients can request.

For best results, we recommend sticking with the defaults to maximize the quotations requests you receive. 

1. Hours / Days of Operation - By default, we set your schedule so that clients can request bookings between 8AM and 8PM 7 days per week. You're free to modify these times to reflect your regular hours. Uncheck a box for the day of week and we will not allow booking requests for that day.

2. Advance Notice Required - By default, we set this value to 48 hours meaning that we only show times to request that are 48 hours ahead. For example, if it's Wednesday and this value is set to 48 hours, we will only display request times starting on Friday. If you're busy and likely to be booked, you should set this to 72 hours or 7 days. If your schedule is open, choose ASAP (2 hours) which means clients can request same day appointments.

3. Blackout Dates - Click any dates that you definitely won't be available. This can include holidays or times  you will be out of the country. There's no need to overly manage this feature. It's better to let clients request times and to sort out later than to show a limited schedule. 

4. Click 'Next'.


*We recommend leaving these fields blank if you're unsure of what to add*

1. Instant Booking - Keep this turned OFF. 

2. Service Terms & Conditions - Add important terms & policies that clients should know about your service. What's included and what's not included, Payment and deposit terms, etc.

(ex: Satisfaction Guarantees, Money Back Guarantees, Terms of Service)

3. Service Availability - Include important info regarding your availability. Locations and areas you do/ don't service. Days of the week you're not available, etc)

4. Checkout Notes - We display these notes during client checkout when they book and pay.

(ex: I'll call you to confirm the booking as I receive your request).

5. Click 'Submit' to save your service! You're done! In less than 2 seconds, you will see the beautiful booking website that you've created!!


Take a look at your page and make sure everything looks right. Our admin will review your page to make sure it conforms with our policies and it should be approved within an hour. 

To make any changes, click 'Edit Service'. Once your page is approved, make sure to share your link on social media so people can easily book your amazing service!