1. Visit GOHISO.com/signin and Login to your GOHISO Dashboard

2. Click 'Create / Edit Profile'

3. Update the profile items. The most important items are in BOLD.

1. Cover Photo - Recommended dimensions 1200x800px

2. Avatar Photo - Recommended dimensions 500x500px

3. First Name

4. Last Name

5. Social Media Link - Instagram or Facebook link

6. About - Add some information about yourself. This info will show on all of your booking listings.

7. Gender 

8. Birthdate - We do NOT share this info with anyone.

9. Contact Phone Number

10. Website URL - Add your website link if you have one.

11. Timezone - Make sure you select the correct time zone! This is important for proper scheduling of your bookings.

12. Click 'Submit' to save.

Example below:

4. Your new avatar pic will show in the dashboard once your profile has been updated.