During checkout, customers can securely request a quote for your service by including some basic information about what they're looking for and providing a budget.

Once a customer completes a quotation request, you will get an email notification.

Simply login to your GOHISO dashboard to review the request.

Dashboard -> Quotation Requests -> View

Click 'Reply' and you will have the opportunity to update the date, time, price to be paid and some terms included with that price. 

Click 'Confirm' and your quotation will be sent to your client.

Your customer will have the option to 'Accept Offer' or 'Update Request'. 

When a customer accepts your offer, they will pay for the booking by credit card and the funds will be held in escrow by GOHISO until released by your customer.

You will be able to close out the booking after the booking date. Your customer, however can release your earnings at anytime by going to Bookings -> Find Booking -> Release Payment.