Dashboard -> Services -> Find your Service -> Service Settings

Step 1:

Change: City, Title, Description, Cancellation Policy

- Categories cannot be changed. You must create a new service listing.

Step 2: 

Change: Zip Code, Location Info

Step 3:

Change: Pricing Menu Items, Prices, Pricing Descriptions

Step 4: 

Change: Checkout add-on's and custom questions (advanced)

Step 5: 

Change: Default Cover Photo + Gallery Images

- Default cover photos are setup in the GOHISO royalty free library. The ability to upload your own cover photo is coming soon!

- Gallery images: Please compress photos to less than 150kb for best page loading speeds. 

This works great: https://bulkresizephotos.com/en

Step 6: 

Change : Basic availability, Advance Notice Required

- Advance notice required is used to display possible booking dates. For instance, if you set notice to 7 days, your calendar will only show available booking dates that are 7 days in the future (for busy people). If you're looking for work, you may want to set this as low as possible to maximize your chances of getting new work (2-24 hours).

- Mark 'Blackout Dates' for days you will be unavailable to accept bookings.

Step 7: 

Change: Instant Booking Settings, Service Terms & Conditions, Service Location Availability, What to Expect

- Instant bookings are great if you know for sure that you can accept a booking (virtual booking, class, etc). Otherwise, we recommend keeping this feature turned off so you can confirm details before confirming bookings.