GOHISO's payment system ensures payment protection for Providers and a seamless, secure way to get gigs completed for Posters.

The steps below outline the GOHISO gig payment flow under this system:

  1. A task is posted.
  2. The Poster receives offers from Providers who want to complete the task.
  3. When the Poster accepts a Provider's offer, payment is taken from the Poster's card and held securely in an escrow account while the task is being completed.
  4. The Provider completes the task and requests payment.
  5. The Poster releases the payment and the Provider receives it in their bank account within 3-5 business days. 

Make sure your details are up to date for seamless transactions, by checking your Payment Settings. 

With GOHISO Pay, both Posters and Providers can be confident that the money has been committed to the gig, and that it will only be released when both sides are happy that the gig is complete.