Updated: September 27, 2019

Thanks for your interest in GOHISO.

(pronounced GO-Hi!-So as in Go Hire Someone)


Our mission is to empower people through their work and the services of others. 

We believe freelance work is the future and that removing friction will help millions of people live a better life.

What is GOHISO?

GOHISO is an online booking community and gig posting marketplace. 


Our gig posting board empowers users to request local and remote services from our community in a matter of seconds. Just describe the job or service you need, set a budget and you're done. Fast and easy!


Our one stop marketplace delivers a streamlined booking experience for any service transaction. GOHISO is an end to end booking platform built for the people. We combine all the features you'd expect in a modern booking marketplace and provide it all with no up-front fees and the lowest possible commission. 


We're live right now at GOHISO.com 


In less than two months, more than 3,000 freelancers have listed their services across more than 170 categories.


What can you sell on GOHISO? 

GOHISO makes it easy to buy and sell any service imaginable. Whatever you can do, you can sell on GOHISO.

  • Home  - cleaning, auto detail, moving, TV mounting

  • Creative - photography, modeling, videography, acting

  • Consulting - conversations, advice, pep talk, 

  • Event  - DJ, bartending, party hosting, photo booth rentals, wedding

  • Beauty - mobile hair & makeup, eyelashes, nails, spray tan

  • Lifestyle - massage, yoga, personal training, house sitting, meditation

  • Pets - pet sitting, dog walking, grooming, dog massage

  • Virtual - freelance marketing, design, social media marketing
  • Lessons - languages, sports, skills, instruments, makeup artist, guitar, piano

  • Coaching - life, health, mindset, business, dating

  • Random - Sell IG sponsored post or story, wear a t-shirt for the day to a crowded area, make an appearance, hire an assistant for the day, charge for a favor, wait in line, 


Why should I use GOHISO?

GOHISO is an online marketplace with all of the features required for a fast and smooth transaction. 

Consumers demand a convenient online booking option and we built GOHISO so that every freelancer could provide it in seconds.


In just a few minutes, users can setup an online booking page for any service... with no risk of losing money. 


The GOHISO review system helps to foster a community of trust and accountability and leads to higher satisfaction rates for both sides of the transaction.


Buyers can find services, check prices and read reviews anytime without having to call or email.


With GOHISO, important booking details stay organized for everyone involved.


How do bookings work on the GOHISO marketplace?

1. Service providers sign up for GOHISO and list their services on the marketplace.

2. Service customers have the option to 'book and pay' or 'request a quote'.  When customers book and pay on GOHISO, we process the credit card payment using Stripe and hold the funds securely in escrow until the customer releases them.

3. Once the job is done, service providers request payment from their customer by marking the service complete. (customers can also release the funds at anytime prior to the booking).

4. Once the customer releases payment, earnings are instantly transferred to the service provider's Stripe account.  Deposits usually reach bank accounts within 24-48 hours.

5. Afterwards, service providers and their customers can leave a review to share their booking experience. All booking information stays organized online for future reference.

GOHISO deducts a 5% booking commission from seller payouts to cover credit card fees and marketing costs.



Want to chat with your client before they book?

Good news! Clients can now send quotation requests on GOHISO!


Interested clients can 'request a quote' in less than a minute and we'll help organize the payment when everything is settled. Just have your clients choose 'Get a Quote'. .



Post gigs and request services on GOHISO for free! With no obligation to hire!


GOHISO makes it easier than ever to post gigs and request services from our marketplace community.


Browse gigs, jobs and freelance opportunities in your city. 

To post a gig, go to Dashboard -> Gigs -> Post a Gig

To review live gigs on GOHISO, go here


How will I know if I get bookings or quotation requests on GOHISO?

Service providers will receive an email when they get booking requests on GOHISO.


How much does it cost to use GOHISO?*

When customers book services on GOHISO, we deduct a 5%* booking fee from service provider payouts to cover credit card processing fees and platform expenses. You only pay for GOHISO when you make money on GOHISO. There's no risk. If you don't get booked, there's never a cost.


How many jobs can I expect to receive on GOHISO?

It's up to you! GOHISO marketing and promotion will be focused in Southern California. We will announce expansion markets each month.

***Our most active users will receive featured placement in the marketplace. These users will benefit most from our paid Google search and Facebook advertising. ***


How do I login to GOHISO?

If a GOHISO team member created your account... follow these instructions.

1. Visit https://gohiso.com/signin -> Click 'Create a New Password'.

2. Enter your email address -> Click 'Submit'

3. Check your email, enter the six digit code to create a password. 

4. Login at https://gohiso.com with your email and new password.


How long does it take to get paid?

Stripe is the payment processor for GOHISO. Transfers are initiated when service customers 'release payment' after the job is complete or anytime before. Once payment is released, GOHISO instantly makes the payout to the service provider's Stripe account. The first payout may take up to 2-5 business days to reach bank accounts. Subsequent payouts take less than 24-48 hours. 


What do I need to do to get paid on GOHISO?

Setup Your Payout Account


How do I make changes to my booking page?

Edit Your Booking Page


How do I get paid after the job is complete?

How to complete bookings so you can get paid


How are you different than TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a platform for non-specific "tasks". GOHISO is a gig posting service and service booking marketplace for tasks and everything else (cooking lessons, DJs, photographers, cleaning, virtual services, influencer marketing etc). You can request any task or gig on GOHISO in seconds with no obligation to hire! 


How are you different than Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is a lead generation platform that charges service providers for an "introduction" to a potential client. GOHISO is an open marketplace that provides value throughout the service buying and selling experience. 

GOHISO does not charge up-front fees and our gig leads are 100% free.  We only deduct our commission when service providers book jobs and get paid. There's no risk of losing money on GOHISO!


How do I get more bookings on GOHISO?

1. Add your booking link to Instagram and social media so people can find it and check prices easier.

2. Add your booking link to your Craigslist ad so users can check reviews and learn more.

3. Add your booking link to your website so that clients know they can check prices and book online!

4. Tell clients to use promo code SAVE10BUCKS during checkout to get $10 off when they book on GOHISO!


How do I contact GOHISO with questions or ideas?

Contact us here. We're ready to help!


Where is GOHISO currently launched?

Our users are all over the USA but primarily reside in CA, NY, CHI, ATL, DAL.

Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County are our largest markets.

Atlanta, the SF Bay Area and New York City are growing the fastest.


Can I use GOHISO even if it's not launched in my city?

Of course! GOHISO works great as an online booking tool no matter where you're located. Be the pioneer in your city!


What if online booking with payment is not appropriate for my type of service business?

Contact us and tell us more about what you do. We'll find something that works!