1. Login to GOHISO.com

2. Go to 'Payments' on side menu

3. Click 'Connect with Stripe'

4. Enter your 'Phone #' and 'Email'

5. Verify code sent to phone

6. Add 'legal name' and 'date of birth'

7. Add your 'bank account' or 'debit card' info.

IMPORTANT: All sensitive financial data is hosted on Stripe and never touches GOHISO's servers. The bank account and debit card provided during setup is used only for earning payouts into your account.

GOHISO vs TaskRabbit - lower commission, sell more than tasks!

GOHISO vs Craigslist - online booking, free to list, not ugly!

GOHISO vs Thumbtack  - no up-front fees, small commission on  jobs only!